Bespoke Chassis - Metal Packs

Looking for the ultimate bespoke chassis, with an easy to assemble roof?

Our unique 'bolt together' chassis and roof fomers will make your self build project a breeze.

  • Perfect for difficult to access locations
  • Our roof formers save hours in construction time, and saves plenty of frustration!

The Details:

Our bolt together turning chassis is created from 50mm steel box section, with an oversized turning axel for stability. It has 18" six spoke wheels and a removable draw bar as standard.

The chassis and wheels either come ready for you to paint and protect, or you can choose to have it galvanised. Our chassis’ are either preassembled so you receive a rolling base, or for the more tricky areas to access, it will come in sections with an assembly guide. It's a straight forward two person job to bolt it together and square it up ready for the next stage, or or we can help you put it together on delivery. We have even had a chassis walked through the front door to get to the back garden!


  • between 3m and 9.3m in length
  • between 2m and 3.5m in width
  • 18" or 24" 6 spoke steel wheels
  • Self Colour or Galvanised
  • Rolling Chassis or 'Bolt Together' on site

An example of our Meetall pack is the Mini Hut as can be seen under the Options and Prices tab for the Mini Hut.


For a 3m hut (as per our measurements detailed for a Mini Hut £1975.00

We supply black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets, and our unique roof formers are precision crafted to create the perfect sturdy curve for your hut.

We believe this is the most flexible design on the market.

The Chassis Kits can be purchased in different sizes and all inclde the

1. Chassis 18" or 24" wheels, turning axel and draw bar

2. Roof Formers

3. Roof Sheets and Screws with colour coded screws.

Self colour or Galvanised options.

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