Self Build 18ft x 7.6ft Glamping / Accommodation Hut

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Dorset Shepherd huts, mini hut, fully assembled
Glamping / Accommodation Shepherd's Hut self-build

With Staycations considered to be here for the long haul, and small buisness across the UK needing custom, what better way to add to your purse as well as help your local economy,- A glamping business ! If you are thinking of starting your own glamping business or just need more accommodation? Well you have come to the right place to start your journey, with our 18 feet long 7.6 feet wide Self-build hut, perfect for a bed, shower room, kitchenette, wood burner and plenty of room to relax. Ask about the cubbty bed for the ultimate in bedtime and storage luxury.........

Did you know Dorset Shepherd Huts were the first company in the UK to offer a Self-build option in the form of a 'flat pack'.  The Self-build option gives you the opportunity to build your own hut with the more specialised structural elements already completed for you.  It makes owning a shepherd's hut affordable, and you will be able to create your own space, entirely unique to you.

We believe that if you can put together a garden shed and pagola you should be able to construct our purpose built self-assembly hut! Why not work with your local professional trades to help you build your project - this will help your local economy!

Our 18ft hut has a very sturdy 50mm steel box section chassis, with turn table and draw bar, you have a choice of galvanised or self colour. It comes assembled with our 6 spoke 18" iron wheels attcahed. If you have limited access this can arrive in three sections which has enabled some of our clients to walk them through their front door.

You can choose from either our Standard Sized Glamping hut which is ideal for a couples retreat or our Family Glamping Hut which gives you the height to add a childrens mezzanine.

The sides and end walls are constructed, covered with breather membrane, and we agree a position of the window and door which we then leave a hole for both for you to insert your chosen products. These panels are placed on the rolling chassis along with our unique roof formers and strengthening bars and roof sheets, ready for you to assemble, with the fixings and the instruction guide for assembly.

You can then choose to add to this basic package from T&G or Corrugated cladding, our picture frame double glazed windows, stable doors, steps etc - see our Options and Pricing page for more details.


we believe our Family Glamping hut is a first in the UK, it gives you the space and height for a childrens mezzanins and the opportunity to provide the perfect family get away all year round and increase your eaning potential.


Now with our unique Glamping Huts you are now able to put two of them side by side and include our bespoke 'walk through hallway' which gives you the opportunity to have one for a two bedroom and bathroom hut and the other as a kitchen and living accommodation. Still on full turing axels you can the simply unbolt them and tow them to the next location. Giving you a total space of 24 sqm !


Why not increase your size of the Glamping hut fro 18ftt - 20ft (5486mm - 6096mm)..........

As with all of our self-build huts we have done the hard bits for you.

The Glamping / Accommodation Hut self build comes with the following as standard:

STANDARD SIZE Glamping - External measurements: 5486mm long, sides 2100mm high (excluding curved roof) and 2286mm wide.

Internal measurements of hut: 5286mm long, 2100mm high (excluding curvature of roof), 2086mm wide.


FAMILY SIZED Glamping - External measurements: 5486mm long, sides 2400mm high (excluding curved roof) and 2286mm wide.

Internal measurements 5286mm long, sides 2400mm high (excluding curved roof) and 2086mm wide.

CHASSIS - Our unique turning chassis in 50mm steel box section, draw bar (self colour) and 18" six spoke wheels

ROOF AND ROOF FORMERS - The roof is made from black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets as standard. Our roof formers are precision crafted from steel, to create the perfect sturdy curve for yout hut.

WALL PANELS - The wall panels are ready constructed with a space for a window (if required) and space for a door and door liner. The panels arrive already covered with breathable membrane.

ADDITIONAL APETURES FOR WINDOWS - We include one apeture for a window in the self build package and one for a door if additional are required there is a charge of £75 per apeture created.

SCREWS and BOLTS and assembly guide.

ARRIVAL - The self buld normally arrives on a rolling chassis with all of the components sat on top including the screws and an assembly guide.


If you only have a front door or a side gate, to gain access to you garden don't worry, the chassis can arrive in three smaller componets if required and you can bolt them together and the walls can be turned on thier side and you can carry them in.


Designed to give you flexability of build, budget and who to use for what.

Call us to discuss your requirements, our self-build WILL save you money and give you EXACTLY what you want rather than just outsourcing to 'shepherd's hut' company that will charge you £20K to £40K for a hut, why pay more when you dont have too and you can involve your local tradesman, which is always a good thing to support local businesses!

We will work with you to help you take the next step in your new business, or the cozy room in the garden, afterall who wouldn't love staying in a shepherd's hut!

We are able to help with planning if required through our friendly planning consultant - Just ask