Mini Hut

Self-build 'Flat Pack' 3m £2,950

Dorset Shepherd Huts were the first company in the UK to offer a Self-build option in the form of a 'flat pack'.  The self-build option gives you the opportunity to build your own hut with the more specialised structural elements already completed for you.  It makes owning a shepherd's hut affordable, and you will be able to create your own space, entirely unique to you.

We believe that if you can put together a garden shed you should be able to construct our purpose built self-assembly mini hut!  It will arrive with the axels, and wheels attached to the structural flooring, the sides and end walls constructed with the membrane attached, the main bespoke roof structure ready for you to assemble, with the fixings and an instruction guide for assembly.

You can then choose to add to this package, just take a look at the options and prices tab.

Our 'Mini Hut' self build in three options

Self-build 'Flat Pack' Option - Self-build 'Flat Pack' Option (partially assembeled) - Fully finished and ready to go! (currently suspended due to workload)

  • Perfectly proportioned modest in size and big on value.
  • Home office, potting shed, sleepover space, craft studio or garden retreat
  • Bespoke 6 spoke wheels on a fixed axel
  • Looks beautiful, provides practical and attractive additional living space in your garden.
  • Planning permission is not normally needed.


External measurements: 3000mm long, 2750mm high and 2105mm wide (at widest point). Internal measurements of hut: 2800mm long, 2000mm (excluding curvature of roof), 1620mm wide.

  • Can be extended to a total length of 3.6m or 4m which allows you to build an accasional bed area and also use this as an office.


  • Our unique black coated steel axels
  • Six spoke 18" and 24" steel wheels


  • Black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets
  • Industry leading roof formers crafted from steel, to create the perfect sturdy curve.
  • Roof purlins
  • Colour coded caps with screws


  • The structual chassis is constructed from treated, kiln dried C24 timber.


  • Constructed Wall Panels
  • Breather membraine attached
  • Two apertures created to your specification 1 for a window and 1 for a door liner.


  • Instruction step guide with many pictures showing you how to assemble the hut with all the screws to put the hut together.


  • The self build 3m Kit is £2950.00
  • The self build 3.6m Kit is £3750.00
  • The self build 4m is Kit £4150.00


  • The self buld arrives on a rolling chassis with all of the components sat on top including the screws and an assembly guide.


  • If you only have a front door or a side gate, to gain access to your garden don't worry, the wheels simply can be taken off and the chassis and walls can be turned on there side and you can carry them in.

FLEXABILIY Designed to give you flexability of build, budget and who to use for what.

Flat pack, self build, shepherds hut, shephard hut, dorset shepherd huts
Self-build 'Flat Pack' Shepherd's Hut

Let us Partially Construct your hut from you from £1500

Partially assembled, flat pack, self build shepherds hut, dorset shepherd huts
Partially Assembled Self-build Shepherd's Hut

Just as with the Self-Build 'Flat Pack' option, you receive the same materials but we will have already assembled them for you, leaving you with a structual shell ready for you to make your mark as you choose.

You can then choose to add to this basic package just take a look at the options and prices tab

Call us to discuss your requirements, our self-build WILL save you money and give you EXACTLY what you want rather than just outsourcing to 'shepherd's hut' company that will charge you £15K to £20K for a hut, why pay more when you dont have too and you can involve your local tradesman, which is always a good thing to support local businesses!

Fully Finished POA

Dorset Shepherd huts, mini hut, fully assembled
Fully Finished Mini Hut

Due to huge demand for our self build kits we have decided as a company to not provide this service.

Howevere, depending on your location we have tradespeople who we may beable to put you in contact with who will be delighted to help you create your perfect hut. You will have been able to choose the perfect design and configuration of your hut including the interior and exterior colour, so all you will need to do is settle in and relax. - Just have a chat with us.